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Why Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

* When the typical buyers looks at an online listing, the first thing they do is look at the photo

* While curb appeal is your client’s responsibility, web appeal is yours.

* According to a 2010 Redfin study, homes that are professionally photographed sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur.

* According to NAR, Listings with professional real estate photos get 61% more views online.


How Much do Professional Listing Photographers Cost?

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In an online real estate forum, the question of whether to use a professional photographer for listing photos was met mainly with the lament that photographers “cost too much.”

Although we can’t find a study on the average fees that a real estate photographer charges, we do know that they vary across the country, with photographers in New York being the priciest. –

Hiring a professional listing photographer costs 0.09% of the median U.S. home price.

Photographers who hang out at Digital Photography Review claim that $300 to photograph the whole house – interior and exterior – is the going rate. A photographer in Montana offers a menu of options in different price ranges according to the home’s square footage. His prices start at $125 and top out at $300. Let’s assume that you’re an average agent, working in an average market where the median sales price is the same as the national median, about $222,275, and you take one of those average listings. If you spend just 1/10 of 1 percent of the list price to advertise the home, it would cost you $222. Considering your commission will be $6,668 and change, $222 seems paltry, doesn’t it? Kick down just a bit more and you can hire a professional photographer. The extra money spent to adequately market your listing pays off even after the sale. An additional benefit of drop-dead gorgeous photos is that you’ll be viewed as more professional and get more listings, hopefully with a higher price tag.

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